Strasbourg Tiny Tots and Helping Hands Daycare was opened by a group of parents in January of 2007. An application to the government to obtain funding was approved in March of 2007 for 25 approved day care spots.


Tiny Tots and Helping Hands Daycare offers quality childcare for children aged 18 months to school age.

The Daycare is more than an average child care facility. The flourishing organization has implemented many community activities for children to attend, teaches health and wellness, and offers ample opportunity for play and exploration.

The Tiny Tots are actively involved in the community. Even at a young age, children who attend daycare programs are learning the importance of being part of a thriving community, the fundamentals of volunteerism, and the development of a work ethic.

Visiting the Last Mountain Pioneer Home, the elementary school, the library, the museum, and attending special activities throughout Strasbourg are a highlight for staff and children alike!  During the summer, picnics and playing at the playgrounds and splash park are taken in. During the winter months, the staff and children take advantage of mild days by taking crisp winter walks and skating on the outdoor rink.

The daycare also provides the children with the opportunity to learn about healthy living and the chance to learn, discover, as well as have fun. Daily activities include, but are not limited to, block and building play, baking, arts and crafts, song and dance, puzzles and games, dress up, physical activity periods, and various science, math, and printing activities.

The staff of Tiny Tots are continually upgrading their education in an effort to provide the best quality childcare available. The daycare is government subsidized, if the family qualifies, and is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:15 p.m.; very convenient hours for the working family.

The daycare currently has space available and is always looking for new families to get involved in this terrific organization!

For more information please call (306) 725-3321


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