Notice of Call for Nominations – Due October 7

1. Lorne Gottselig – Bio & Picture, Nomination & Acceptance, Public Disclosure Statement

1) FORM I РNomination & Acceptance MAYOR  OR
1) FORM I – Nomination & Acceptance COUNCILLOR
2) Public Disclosure Statement
3) Biography with Picture as per GG-007 Election Candidate Informational Policy

Important Notes:
For Form I, please fill out both sides of the form. You will need a minimum of five (5) Town residents to sign your form (they must supply their civic address, e.g. 123 Mountain Street Рnot a box number).  Also, our Town Office staff cannot be your witnesses on the back page of the nomination form.

The Public Disclosure Statement is now required by legislation and MUST be submitted with the Nomination Form for the Nomination Form to be valid. You will need to list, in the required areas, any property holdings, places of employment, contracts, etc. that you and your immediate family may have. This is a public document and it will be displayed with your nomination form.

While a biography and picture is not required by legislation, we have many new ratepayers living in our community and we want to encourage as many people to vote as possible. Long gone are the days that all ratepayers know one another. Not having a biography and picture submitted would be a disadvantage to the candidate.