Garbage & Recycling

The Town Office now offers battery and cellphone recycling! Please drop off your used batteries and cellphones at the office during business hours. For more information on what batteries to recycle, please refer to the following Battery Recycling Cheat Sheet.


Council voted to implement a single-stream recycling program within the Town of Strasbourg which began October 1, 2014. This program was a great step forward for the Town in terms of environmental stewardship. With this recycling program, the Town  saves money each year in Landfill fees, as well protects and conserves the lifespan of our growing Landfill.

Please access the below informational handouts regarding the program.

What can be recycled?

Single-Stream Recycling Info Sheet

How is this different from SARCAN?

FAQ – SARCAN vs. Curbside Recycling

When am I going to be picked up?

2017 Residential Garbage & Recycling Collection Calendar

Where can I take items that do not belong in the garbage or recycling bins?

Some items are not meant to be put in either the garbage or recycling cans; please dispose of them properly at the Last Mountain Regional Landfill. This handout highlights the Landfill’s hours, contact information, and fee schedule.

Make sure you have your garbage and recycling cans out prior to 7:00 a.m.!