SAMA Re-Inspection 2020

Over the next couple of weeks, residents of Strasbourg will be receiving a letter from the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) to assist with SAMA’s re-inspection of the whole community. The last time an entire re-inspection was completed for Strasbourg was the late 1980’s. The re-inspection will take place between May and September 2020. This will help to ensure property values are consistent and accurate across the whole community.

As a property owner, you can assist SAMA when it comes to valuing your property to make sure the information is accurate. There will be an Information Sheet enclosed with the letter you’ll receive. You can assist SAMA appraisers by answering the questions as best you can and identifying any changes to your property.

SAMA has a detailed inventory of historical data on the assessable land and buildings in Strasbourg. All property data will be reviewed. If the historical data on record is accurate, then an interior inspection of your buildings may not be necessary. Where existing renovations or additions are not indicated on the historical data, an assessor will call at the property site, re-measure and inspect. If a complete inspection is not possible, the new construction will be measured, and an exterior inspection will be completed. Presence of basement finished areas of residences may be estimated during a site inspection. You may specify with this returnable form your percentage of basement finished area.

The form(s) can be returned to the SAMA office in the self-addressed envelope that will be provided, scanned and emailed to, faxed to (306) 924-8088, or returned to the Town Office. SAMA and the Town values your input and would appreciate a response by April 17th, 2020.

If you require further information or wish to meet with the SAMA appraiser dedicated to the re-inspection, please phone (306) 924-8080 or via SAMA’s toll free number at (800) 498-0578. You may view your current property assessment at SAMA’s website SAMAView