Tax notices will be sent beginning of June 2020. Please contact the office if you did not receive your tax notice within a reasonable time frame.

Due to Covid-19, our office is closed to the public. There are a variety of ways to make payments for various Town-related charges, including taxes, while we are not open.

1. Mail in a cheque or money order to Town of Strasbourg, Box 369, Strasbourg, SK S0G 4V0.

2. Drop a cheque or cash off (in a labeled envelope) at the Town Office lockbox which is located by the front door under the RCMP sign. The lockbox is secure and checked frequently.

3. Online banking payment with RBC, all Credit Unions, BMO, TD, and CIBC (Scotiabank is not included). This method is for Utility and Tax payments only. To set up your online banking, your utility account number and tax roll number (which are found on your bills) function as the banking account number. There are two accounts which have to be set up separately – Town of Strasbourg Utility and Town of Strasbourg Tax. Do not add zeros to the beginning of the account number. Some financial institutions require more digits, so you may need to add zeros at the end of the account number to make it work

4. Phone in a credit card number for us to process (VISA or MasterCard).

5. Interac e-Transfer
Send e-Transfers to Town of Strasbourg’s email address:       
In the “Messages” field of your e-Transfer, you MUST include: Civic Address, Invoice number (if applicable), What you are paying for: Taxes, Utility, Dog License, Business License, Building Permit, etc.


*Note – As of a January 1, 2013 government resolution, discounts no longer apply to the school portion of the taxes.  Discounts only apply to the municipal tax portion.

Taxes paid by June 30 – 6% discount
Taxes paid by July 31 – 5% discount
Taxes paid by August 31 – 4% discount
Taxes paid by September 30 – 3% discount
Taxes paid by October 31 – 2% discount
Taxes paid by November 30 – 1% discount
Taxes paid by December 31 – 0% discount

Taxes are due December 31, 2020.                                                              Penalty will be applied January 1, 2021 at 1% interest per month. 

Base Tax – All Properties

As per Bylaw No. 401/20, all taxable properties are to be levied as follows:

Agricultural Land – $770.00
Agricultural Impr – $770.00
Agricultural Land & Impr – $770.00
Residential Land – $800.00
Residential Impr – $1,295.00
Residential Land & Impr – $1,295.00
Commercial Land – $1,160.00
Commercial Impr – $1,195.00
Commercial Land & Impr – $1,195.00

401-20 A Bylaw to Establish a Base Tax

Municipal & Educational Mill Rates

As per Resolution 51/2020 at the April 8, 2020 Town of Strasbourg Council Meeting, the municipal mill rate is set at 3 mills.

The Town of Strasbourg also passed a Mill Rate Factor Bylaw with mill rate factors as follows:

Agricultural Mill Rate Factor 1.0 (Factored mill rate – 3.0)
Residential Mill Rate Factor – 0.66 (Factored mill rate – 2.0)
Commercial Mill Rate Factor – 0.20 (Factored mill rate – 0.6)

376-17 A Bylaw to Establish a Mill Rate Factor

As per the Government of Saskatchewan, the confirmed 2020 education property tax mill rates are as follows:

Agricultural Property – 1.43 mills
Residential Property – 4.12 mills
Commercial/Industrial Property – 6.27 mills

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