Water & Sewer

Need to program your water softener? The Town of Strasbourg’s water hardness is 426 mg/L.

New to town? Please contact the Town Office at (306) 725-3707 or strasbourg@sasktel.net to set up your utility account.

As per Bylaw No. 368/16, all new homeowners and renters are required to pay one meter deposit per household. This meter deposit is refundable and transferable.

$100.00 for homeowners

$150.00 for renters

This is required 30 days after the move-in date. If the meter deposit is not paid in full after 30 days, the water will be shut off. A fee of $150.00 needs to be paid in order to turn the water back on again.


Water Billing 

The Town of Strasbourg has a quarterly water billing system. Prior to bills being sent out, a green water meter card is mailed to the occupant and the occupant is expected to read their water meter and submit the number back to the Town Office. The cards can either be dropped off at the office or mailed, or the number phoned in ((306) 725-3707) or submitted electronically (strasbourg@sasktel.net).

Water bills are sent out beginning of January, April, July, and October. You have until the 15th of the next month to pay. Past due water bills are sent out at the end of February, May, August, and November. If payment is not made,  a 10 day shut off notice is issued, whereby all arrears and current water have to be paid. A reconnect fee of $150.00 will be charged if the water service is turned off.

Water bills can paid by cash, cheque, debit card or credit card at the Town Office. We also offer online banking for Credit Union, Royal Bank, BMO, TD, and CIBC customers. You will need your water account number to set up your online banking. The number can be found on your water bill or by calling the Town Office.


Notice of Increasing Water Rates

Beginning January 1, 2017, utility rates will be as follows for the next three years:

                                                           2017               2018                2019            2020






Sewer – Residences


$39.00 $39.00


Sewer – Apartments, Multiple Housing

$39.00 per unit

$39.00 per unit $39.00 per unit

$39.00 per unit

Sewer – Hotel


$78.00 $78.00


Sewer – Laundromat


$78.00 $78.00


Sewer – LMPH


$156.00 $156.00 $156.00
Sewer – School


$156.00 $156.00


Infrastructure Levy


$45.00 $45.00


         *For the first 10,000 gallons of usage

As per Schedule “A,” “B,” & “C” of Bylaw No. 369/16

Notice of Sewer Blockages

The Council of the Town of Strasbourg has implemented the following policy:

  • You, as a homeowner, are responsible for all costs associated with the cleaning or clearing of your residential sewer line from the inside of your house to the Town’s main line (the eight inch sewer line).
  • The Town is not responsible for anything that may go down your residential sewer and block (plug) the line.
  • It is your responsibility to find a plumber and pay for your sewer cleaning.
  • As of December 1, 2015, the Town is no longer doing evening or weekend sewer cleanings. The cost per hour is $250.00 an hour.


Drinking Water Quality and Compliance Report 

Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment requires that at least once each year waterworks owners provide notification to consumers of the quality of water produced and supplied, as well as information on the performance of the waterworks in submitting samples.  Please click on the link to read Strasbourg’s report.

2018 Drinking Water Quality and Compliance


Annual Waterworks Information

By September 1st of each year, the Town of Strasbourg must provide information to the general public regarding our waterworks rate policy and capital investment strategy, which includes a statement on the annual total waterworks revenues, expenditures and debt payments. Please see the following links outlining this policy, as well as our most recent Waterworks Assessment.

2018 Waterworks Rate Policy

2015 Waterworks Assessment

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