Election Statement of Results

Deputy Returning Officer’s Statement of Results

Councillor:       Town                    of         Strasbourg                                         

 for the election held on the   26th     day of    October      , 20 16  .

Names of Candidates Number of Votes
BLACK, Chris 94
CORNWELL, Lance 196 Elected
EISLER, Cliff 191 Elected
FLAVEL, Kevin 235 Elected
HUGHES, James 54
JOSEPHSON, Bernie 196 Elected
KONDRATIUK, Murray 208 Elected
OBLANDER, Ernie 201 Elected
YAUCK, Rodger 94
Ballots Number
Counted (Not objected to) 276
Counted (Objected to)
Rejected by deputy returning officer because:

·         No vote marked

·         No deputy returning officer’s initials

·         Marked for more persons than required to be elected

·         Marked to identify voter

·         Torn or defaced to identify the voter

·         Other

Spoiled and Declined 1
          SUBTOTALS 277
Unused ballots 423
           TOTAL 700
Ballots supplied 700

The number of voters who have voted as indicated in the poll book is       276        .

I certify that the above statements are correct.

Dated this          26th                     day of    October          , 20  16     .


Jennifer Josephson

Deputy Returning Officer

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