Settled in the Last Mountain Hills is the friendly town of Strasbourg. The earliest settlers came to this area in 1884 and the area became known for its rich agricultural soil and ample land for pastures.

The town has a rich cultural and historical background, originating with the German pioneers who settled the area.  The town’s name was originally spelled Strassburg – Strass meaning ‘street’ or ‘road’, and Burg meaning ‘town’. The spelling was changed to the French “Strasbourg” in 1919.

In 1905, the rail line was laid as far as Strasbourg which caused the town to grow rapidly over the next two years. The town was incorporated in 1907.


Population 800
First Settlers Came 1884
Railway Came 1905
Incorporated as a Town 1907
McKillop Municipality Formed 1910
Electricity 1928
Sewer 1958
Water 1962
Dial Phones 1963
Natural Gas 1965
Telecable 1986


Strasbourg 1913


Strasbourg 1965
Strasbourg 1965


Strasbourg 1981
Strasbourg 1981


Strasbourg 2007
Strasbourg 2007


Strasbourg 2010
Strasbourg 2010


In 2005, the Town of Strasbourg commissioned Michael R. Gaudet to paint a mural depicting life, in Strasbourg, of years past. The mural chronicles various stories of people and places from Strasbourg and area. The mural graces the wall of a local business on Main (Mountain) Street, located across from the Town Office.




Copies of the above mural are available at Strasbourg Town Office

11 1/2″ x 28″ framed with barn board – $30.00; Unframed – 8″ x 24″ –  $15.00   Email: strasbourg@sasktel.net  or phone (306) 725-3707

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